Best in the REGION DISINFECT-CLEAN services

No. We can’t make your Transportation Vehicle look like the newest on the market, but the end results are nonetheless stunning.

GAD has been privileged to be the disinfect specialist for one of the largest trucking firms in the area for many years. Trucks often come in from their hauls with intense disinfect, sanitize or deodorize needs.

At one point, because of the trucks’ transformations from just-in, to ready to go again,  we were asked if we ever divulged the secret of our cleaning formula. To our knowledge, no one else in the region does our kind of disinfecting clean—tested over and over—each time, every time, Corona Virus clean,

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We will not disappoint. You will not regret. Your business, your employees and your customers will greatly benefit.


     “Business aviation can serve a critical role in containment and treatment of COVID-19. . .  if we act responsibly, putting safety first and taking cleaning and disinfecting seriously.” ~ Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA Director of Flight Operations and Regulations.

GAD has been privileged to gain some 20 years of experience, becoming The Disinfect Specialist.

One long-term client has been the Hixson Museum of Aviation, custodians of several one-of-a-kind aircraft. They are historically significant airworthy aircraft that are on display locally and taken on the road to air shows in the southeastern United States. Flight Museum Manager, Christene Lewis, says:


     “The museum has entrusted Jorge and his GAD team to keep the aircraft in showlike condition at all times….”

A Passenger Survey of 1,156 passengers revealed:

     – 80% believed they became sick from germs on  an airplane

     – 93% of passengers would choose a sanitized over non-sanitized flight

     – 81% of passengers are willing to spend $2 or more for a sanitized seat

     – 96% of passengers feel airlines should be required to sanitize aircraft daily.


To our knowledge, no one else in the region does our kind of disinfecting clean—Corona Virus clean. The results you experience for your aircraft, your facility, workspace, or the personnel hang-out hub, gives you confidence that you have provided the best