About Us

With acute awareness that the world, our country, and more specifically, our region, is in an unexpected all-out war against the COVID 19 Virus Pandemic, I am first providing you with the following critical information. This is to ensure Transportation Vehicles, Aircraft, and other businesses in our community can employ our premier, exclusive process disinfection for COVID prevention and COVID clean:

  • GAD Solutions Bio Clean has perfected the way for safe and complete, certified disinfection. We test COVID clean each time, every time.
  • Our Cleaning Formula controls the virus spread
  • It eliminates the possibility of personnel contracting the virus on site
  • It works both effectively and efficiently

GSBC will perform a demo for proof that our process works as stated.

We are fully staffed, certified, and ready to work together with you as we continue in this health crisis for disinfecting or cleaning. We have the treatment you need. Please don’t hesitate to give GAD Solutions Bio Clean a call right now: (706) 618-8947

That said, thank you for checking out our company. I am the Founder and CEO of GAD Solutions Bio Clean, Jorge Verdias. I maintain a staff of trained, hard-working, reliable employees. They are geared to produce the most incredible services possible for our customers. (Please view our photo gallery for examples.)

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I started this business while living out of my van. With no desire to sit or to quit, although left with nothing but my immediate possessions and a petition for God’s help, I determined to blaze a new trail. Using the local truck stop showers to maintain a professional appearance, I began presenting my new business model to all who would listen.


I found an upper management guy at US XPRESS who believed my vision was legit and worth investing in. With his recommendation, I gained my first transportation client. From there, it has been a constant building, expanding, perfecting process. I hire work-brittle employees who are willing to join me in striving for doing everything with excellence. With the addition of clients, our slogan has always remained the same: “GAD Always Delivers.”





         Jorge Verdias