GAD Bold Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Sanitation and Disinfecting Services

It is a given that the health and morale of your staff depend on their health and well being.  You hire the best to do their best and we make it our priority that they work in a clean environment where they can best operate and succeed.

The workday starts better for your people knowing that Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals and state-of-the-art processes have preceded arrival, giving your business the highest quality level of disinfecting clean. Everything is a “go.” 

Focus on Details

It’s all in the details. If it’s a surface, Gad Solutions Bio Clean attends that area whether high or low, behind or in front, the crevice, the corner, the underneath and above. We have you covered. And no need to worry about furnishings or equipment — our products are safe for any surface.

Unique & Extraordinary Services

We have been asked how we get such a perfect score of COVID CLEAN. It is our unique formula, unequaled in the region. With the addition of ProKure Certification our customers receive an extraordinary level of clean and safe. Sanitizing and deodorizing is always included as part of our disinfecting process.


Green clean is not a goal for us. It is a reality. Every place. Every time.

Professionalism and Reliability

Our people have been trained and cross-trained. They are neatly uniformed to offer you the most attention to security while making the least distraction. You can count on us to be efficient and effective.